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Report #9 available in the Online Assessment Community

The Senior Income Level Report (Report #9) is now available in the Online Assessment Community.

Report #9 lists properties whose owners may be eligible for the senior citizens (467) exemption. To be listed on the report, the owners would typically:

  • meet the age requirements for the 2022 Enhanced STAR exemption, and
  • have reported adjusted gross income (AGI) below $37,400 on their income tax return(s).

The report is for your information; you are not required to take action based on the report.

As you know, eligibility for the senior citizens exemption is not based on AGI, but rather on a definition of income that is more inclusive than AGI. However, this report may be helpful to assessors who wish to reach out to lower-income seniors and advise them of the availability of the senior citizens exemption. (The statutory maximum income for the sliding scale senior citizens exemption is currently $37,399).

The report is not intended to include all properties with incomes under $37,400. For instance, if we are unable to determine the income for a particular property, it would not be listed on the report.

Note: For mobile home and co-op properties that are not separately assessed, the Received 467 on recent roll field will be blank.