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08/16/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

Some online applications will be down Wednesday night

Beginning at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 18, the following applications will be unavailable. We expect them to be back up Thursday morning.

  • SalesWeb
  • State Owned Land
  • Sales Reporting
  • MuniPro
  • School Rates
  • Data Warehouse
  • Training Registration

We apologize for the inconvenience.

ICYMI: 2021 RPSV4 cost update now available

For proprietary reasons, cost data is not available on the ORPTS website. To request the RPSV4 cost update, contact your ORPTS Regional Liaison.

Compare full value tax rates among counties

Ever wonder how the tax rate in your county compares to other counties? Visit Overall full-value tax rates by county.

Then, see how your county compares to the statewide rate.

Both pages are updated annually after the Office of the State Comptroller updates its tax levy information.

Reminder: What to do if you receive an “F5” error message when logging into the Online Assessment Community

If you have trouble logging into the Online Assessment Community, it may be easily resolved by closing all of your browser windows and opening a new browser window.

If that doesn’t work, try clearing your browser history and cookies, before closing and opening a new browser window.

Reminder: Review your sales reports

Don’t delay! Review your sales reports in the Online Assessment Community. The deadline is August 31. Your timely review is very important because we’ll use the sales data to begin the process of calculating 2021 equalization rates and RARs.

For more information, see Sales usability criteria.

On the arms-length report, there is a column which indicates whether the sale is COD/RAR usable. If you find a mistake or need to correct a sale, follow these instructions:

ALBANY, NY  12227-0801

Reminder: STAR forms for 2022-2023

It’s that time again! We’ve passed the last taxable status dates for 2021 rolls.

The STAR forms for the 2022-2023 school year are available online:

For your convenience, here is the IVP form, though there were no changes to it this year.