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08/09/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

ICYMI: STAR Credit Eligible Report

On Wednesday, we announced that the STAR Credit Eligible Report (Report #8) is available in the Online Assessment Community for localities where school tax bills are issued on or around September 1. See the instructions for full details.

Coming Soon: RPSV4 cost update

We'll send a special announcement when the cost update is available. 

STAR forms for 2022-2023 now available

It’s that time again! We’ve passed the last taxable status dates for 2021 rolls. (Wondering who has taxable status dates this late in the year? See the bottom of today’s newsletter.)

The STAR forms for the 2022-2023 school year are available online:

And for your convenience, here is the IVP form, though there were no changes to it this year.

Annual exemptions report now available

Ever wonder how many senior exemptions a neighboring town has? Or which county has the highest percentage of exempt property? Or how many cold war veterans exemptions there are statewide?

You’ll find all of that and SO much more in Exemptions from Real Property Taxation in New York State: 2020 County, City, and Town Assessment Rolls.

Stay up to date with news in our field

If you aren’t visiting Assessment and Property Tax News occasionally, you’re missing out on news regarding your profession that you may find interesting. Each afternoon, we survey the mediascape to find news related to property taxes, assessments, and other local government items. Most of the articles are from New York State media outlets, but we mix in the occasional national or other state item.

Drop by anytime to see the news for the past five days.

Reminder: Review your sales reports

Don’t delay! Review your sales reports in the Online Assessment Community. The deadline is August 31. Your timely review is very important because we’ll use the sales data to begin the process of calculating 2021 equalization rates and RARs.

For more information, see Sales usability criteria.

On the arms-length report, there is a column which indicates whether the sale is COD/RAR usable. If you find a mistake or need to correct a sale, follow these instructions:

ALBANY, NY 12227-0801

The latest taxable status dates (TSDs)

If your city or town has the standard March 1 TSD, you might be surprised to learn that there are a whopping 32 municipalities with TSDs after March 1.

However, it is two Oneida County cities that have the distinction of having TSDs after June 1:

  • Rome – July 31
  • Utica – August 1