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08/02/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

Coming soon: STAR Credit Eligible Report

We expect to issue Report #8 this week for municipalities with school districts that issue tax bills around September 1. Watch your email for the announcement.

Preliminary discount rates and appraisal model for solar and wind projects

The 2021-2022 Enacted State Budget established a process for our department to develop a standard methodology for solar and wind energy systems with a nameplate capacity equal to or greater than one megawatt.

Preliminary discount rates and the preliminary appraisal model are now available on our website. See Appraisal methodology for solar and wind energy projects.

The deadline to provide comments is October 1, 2021.

We encourage interested parties to submit comments by email, but you can also submit comments by mail:

Q and As about the new Online Assessment Community (OAC)

Thank you all for your patience as we transitioned to the new OAC. Here are a couple of questions that we received from you this week:

I work in multiple municipalities, and I previously had access to all of them in the OAC. Why am I only seeing one muni now?

The new menus are organized by user role. For instance, if you’re an assessor in one town, but a staff person in other towns, you’ll have to change roles in the menu. After you log in and agree to the security contract:

  • select the hamburger menu in the upper-left of your screen,
  • select Change role, and
  • choose the role for the municipality you’d like to access.

Why can’t I find a link for the Training Portal?

At the moment, the link for the Training Portal is not in the OAC. But you can easily access it from the Online Assessment Community landing page.

Still have questions or issues with the new OAC? Email the details to

Training portal log in button on the Online Assessment Community landing page on the Tax Department site

Focused searches temporarily not working

We’re big fans of our focused searches, and we hope you are too.

Focused search tax feature with highlighted examples of Property Tax searches

However, the focused searches are experiencing some technical challenges right now. We’ll let you know when they’re back up and ready for use.

Thank you for your patience.

Reminder: Review your sales reports

This is a great time to begin reviewing your sales reports in the Online Assessment Community. The deadline is August 31, but don’t delay. Your timely review is very important because we’ll use the sales data to begin the process of calculating 2021 equalization rates and RARs.

For more information, see Sales usability criteria.

On the arms-length report, there is a column which indicates whether the sale is COD/RAR usable. If you find a mistake or need to correct a sale, follow these instructions:\

ALBANY, NY  12227-0801

New judicial case

We’ve added Matter of Key Bank v Town of Amherst to new Judicial cases.