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07/12/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

It’s summer; even the IVP Tool takes a break

We’re in the process of updating the IVP Tool for 2022 Enhanced STAR exemptions. Until the process is complete, there will be some anomalies. Beginning today, please hold off on using the tool for a few days. We’ll notify you when it’s ready to get back to work.

Real property tax related legislation abounds!

We’re tracking 63 RPT related bills that passed both legislative houses this year. Of those, nearly 50 passed in June alone. That means there are still plenty—46 to be precise—that are awaiting delivery to the Governor. Stay up to date with our Current status of property tax-related legislation.

Reminder: Deadline to request advisory appraisals is approaching

If you’re conducting a reassessment, and you expect to request a utility advisory appraisal, the deadline to submit Form RP-7021, Utility Advisory Appraisal Request is 270 days prior to your tentative roll date (by August 1 for localities using the standard assessment calendar). Please include a request for each year of a reassessment cycle.

New judicial cases

We’ve added Matter of Lawrence Union Free Sch. Dist. v Town of Hempstead Indus. Dev. Agency and Dorce v. City of New York to new Judicial cases.