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06/28/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

It’s the annual final roll edition! And a great opportunity to wish you all a Happy Fourth from ORPTS! (Has a ring doesn’t it?)

American flag banner with black silhouette buildings across

Many thanks to Rowan Greaves, one of our newest employees at ORPTS, for this graphic!

The work is never done

Whew! Your final roll is filed (or very soon to be). But let’s not forget the provisions of good old RPTL 1590. You have ten days from the publication of the roll to:

  • transmit your final roll to ORPTS, and
  • post the roll online and provide a link from your municipality’s homepage. If your city or town doesn’t have a website, you must arrange to have it posted on the county’s website

No biggie! You’re pros; you’ve got this!. But a final roll filing without an ORPTS reminder would be like a Fourth of the July without the fireworks… Wouldn’t it?!?!?

Speaking of more work

Everybody’s favorite July milestone – the Final Roll Corrections Report (Report #7) – will be coming out later in July. Hopefully, your report will be free of any additional changes. But if it isn’t, rest assured, the RPTL directs you to make changes to the final roll based on our reports – even after the final roll is published.

You can expect Report #7 to be available for your municipality around July 21 or roughly 20 days after we receive your roll file.

Update your state-owned land unit contact information

It’s come to our attention recently that many of you are trying to reach our state-owned land unit at an old number, which is no longer in use. Please update your contact information as below to reach the state-owned land unit:

If you have questions, email

Reminder: ORPTS survey and ACES reports

If you haven’t done so already, please take five minutes to complete our survey regarding images and reports in RPSV4.

The survey will be available until July 2.

If you have questions about the survey, email

New judicial case

We’ve added James B. Nutter & Co. v. County of Saratoga to new Judicial cases.