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06/23/2021 STAR Report 6 and new ACES survey

Last report before final roll date now available

The Final Voluntary Exemption Removal Report (Report #6) is now available in the Online Assessment Community for municipalities with July 1 final roll dates.

Report #6 lists property owners who were previously receiving the Basic or Enhanced STAR exemption but who have opted to switch to the STAR credit beginning this year.

We issue the Voluntary Exemption Removal Report twice annually for most municipalities. Generally:

  • the initial report (Report #3) is available before municipalities publish their tentative rolls, and
  • the final report (Report #6) is available before they publish their final rolls.

We cannot issue the final report until the deadline has passed to switch to the STAR credit for the current year. For more information, see Deadline to switch to the STAR credit

Running the report

After selecting your SWIS code, you can choose to view:

  • New parcels that have switched to the STAR credit after we published Report #3, or
  • All parcels that have switched to the STAR credit since the 2019 report was issued.

After selecting the SWIS code for your jurisdiction, choose other options to narrow the results in the report.

Manually remove the Basic or Enhanced STAR exemption from the properties listed in the report.

RPSV4 users: There is no RPSV4 utility for this report.

New! ACES Reports Survey

We are in the process of working with Tyler Technologies to incorporate various reports into the Assessment Community Enterprise System (ACES).

As part of that process, we are interested in learning about typical ways that you might use images when creating reports in RPSV4.

Please take five minutes to complete our survey regarding images and reports in RPSV4.

The survey will be available until July 2.