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06/07/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

Enhanced STAR income limit for 2022-2023

The new income limit will be $92,000. We are in the process of updating our webpages. We will make the 2022-23 STAR forms available in early August after the last taxable status date has passed.

Quick quiz: What municipality has the latest 2021 taxable status date? Answers at the bottom of today’s edition.

Reminder: Tentative Roll Corrections Report

Report #4 is now available for all municipalities that filed their tentative roll by May 1 and that provided it to ORPTS by May 10.

Be sure to enter splits and merges into the IVP Tool

The Assessor Hotline received some calls this week from assessors who were surprised that some of their properties that had been split for the 2021 roll were flagged on the Tentative Roll Corrections Report.

We researched the issue, and it appears that the properties were not split in the IVP Tool.

If a parcel receiving the Enhanced STAR exemption is split or merged, the assessor must update the property in the IVP Tool.

Once you identify the original property in the IVP Tool, you will find the Split and Merge options by selecting the Actions dropdown.

For complete instructions, see pages 12 and 13 of the IVP Tool User Guide.

County Directors: We are not requesting a second file of delinquency data for 2021

Hat tip to Chenango County Director Steve Harris for asking about this

As you know, as a result of Executive Order 202.97 and subsequent orders, ORPTS is not disallowing STAR exemptions or credits for newly delinquent property owners in 2021.

Therefore, we are not collecting the second round of delinquency data for 2021.

Legislation is coming in hot!

It’s not just the weather that has heated up. The New York State Legislature is scheduled to conclude its regular session this week.

Check the Current status of property tax-related legislation throughout the week to stay up-to-date on bills of interest.

And the last taxable status date belongs to…

If you guessed Rome, you were oh so close.

But, alas, Utica has the last taxable status date for 2021 rolls: August 1, 2021.

Sorry Rome, July 31 is close, but one day short.

New Judicial Case

We’ve added Matter of Cohoes Falls L.P. v Board of Assessment Review to New Judicial cases.