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06/01/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

STAR reports update

  • Tentative Roll Corrections Report: Report #4 is now available for most municipalities.  If you filed your roll on May 1 and provided it to us by May 10, but your report isn’t available today, it will be by the end of this week.
  • Act now to make your life easier in July: No one wants to spend July updating the IVP Tool. That’s why you should update the IVP Tool now to reflect owners that have died, moved, or sold their properties.
  • No STAR Delinquency Report this year: As a result of Executive Order 202.97 and subsequent orders, we are not disallowing STAR exemptions or credits for newly delinquent property owners in 2021. Therefore, we will not issue Report #5 this year.
  • Cheat sheet: Print this doc for a simple one-page summary of the STAR reports.

Change to Online Assessment Community log-in

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, June 2, the login for the Online Assessment Community will look a little different. The good news is that your user ID and password won’t change due to this tweak. 

However, to improve security, you will now have to respond to a captcha each time you log in. 

If you have issues getting past the captcha, try using a browser other than Internet Explorer, such as Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.

Tip: If you have an option to select a Don’t have an account box, don’t select it. If you need help with your account, follow the instructions on our Online Assessment Community landing page

Note: While the new login won’t immediately require you to change your password, eventually you will be prompted to update it. When that happens, the minimum password length will be 14 characters. 

Equalization rate update for May tentative roll munis

We’ve made 652 equalization rates, and we continue to make more daily. If you haven’t received yours yet, we’ll email the rate to the assessor and the county director as soon as it’s made. (We’ll also post it online the following day.)

If ORPTS accepts the LOA as the equalization rate: The rate will immediately become final. ORPTS will not issue a tentative rate. 

If ORPTS doesn’t accept the LOA as the rate: The assessor is required by law to provide notices to the local governing body of any affected:

  • town, 
  • city,
  • village,
  • county, and 
  • school district. 

The assessor must provide the notice within ten days of the receipt of the tentative equalization rate, or within ten days of the filing of the tentative assessment roll, whichever is later. 

The notice will provide the difference in the indicated total full value estimates of the locally stated level of assessment and the tentative equalization rate for the taxable property within each affected jurisdiction listed above.