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05/03/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

Due this week: manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets

If you haven’t done so already, complete and send your manufactured home or co-op spreadsheets this week.

For detailed instructions, see Send the manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets to the Tax Department.

If we do not receive your spreadsheet, the STAR credit checks for the manufactured home or co-op owners in your municipality will be delayed.

Expanded password requirement for Online Assessment Community

Thanks to those of you who brought this change to our attention!

The next time you create a new password for your secure account, the minimum password length will be 14 characters. The password must contain the following:

  • one uppercase letter
  • one lowercase letter, and
  • one number or special character

You don’t need to take any action until your current password expires.

Password tip: Consider starting with a phrase and changing it. For example, the phrase, The Yankees are my number one team, could become this password: TyanksRmy#1TeaM.

Final railroad ceilings

More than 400 final ceilings were mailed to cities and towns last week.

Letters to STAR exemption recipients with incomes > $250,000

The following letters will be hitting mailboxes shortly:

If you’re contacted by a property owner about a letter, direct them to the instructions and telephone number on the letter (518-457-2036).

You asked: I merged two parcels in the IVP Tool. Why doesn’t the new parcel appear in the tool?

Thanks to those of you who raised this question. Here’s the answer. When merging or splitting parcels in the IVP Tool, the original IVP enrollment will close. The newly merged parcel will not appear in the IVP Tool until the tentative or final roll (whichever comes first) is submitted to ORPTS, and ORPTS loads the roll into the system.

We’ve updated the IVP Tool User Guide with this information. (See pages 12 and 13.)

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases

  • Matter of Academy Sq. Apts. Hous. Dev. Fund Co., Inc. v Assessor of City of Utica
  • Matter of Foreclosure of Tax Liens
  • Hetelekides v County of Ontario