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04/07/2021 – STAR Reports 1, 2, and 3 now available

First three STAR reports now available

The first three STAR reports are now available in the Online Assessment Community. Use the reports to update your roll files. Select the links below for detailed, printable instructions:

Note: The reports for a very small number of municipalities are not available today but will be run by the end of the week. If you receive this message, “The report you selected is not available for this SWIS code,” try running the report later this week or Monday. 

RPSV4 users: Report Numbers 1 and 2 have corresponding RPSV4 utilities. The instructions are in the links above.

Changes? As noted in the instructions for Report #1, if you have changes to the report, follow the instructions on How to submit STAR report changes.

Questions? Email

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