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03/01/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

Happy Taxable Status Date to our friends on the standard assessment calendar!

IVP deadlines approaching

In early April, we will issue the first round of STAR eligibility reports for municipalities with May 1 tentative roll dates. To help ensure we have complete data for your municipality, please follow these deadlines:

Update on ORPTS products

  • Preliminary State-owned land lists: Preliminary lists of 2021 taxable state land and taxable state conservation easements are now available in the Online Assessment Community for affected municipalities. By April 12, please review all posted documents and follow the instructions to complete the lists.
  • Residential assessment ratios: 2021 RARs are now available in Municipal Profiles for most cities and towns with tentative roll dates of May 1 or earlier. For municipalities with later tentative roll dates, the RARs will be online sixty days prior to tentative roll date.
  • Tentative telecommunications ceilings: We’ve issued the tentative ceilings to all impacted municipalities except New York City, which is scheduled to go out later.

RPSV4 2020.1829 is available

RPSV4 2020 is the first full build of the RPS system since 2016. This latest release addresses a few corrections, modifications, and enhancements.

Contact your ORPTS customer service team to arrange for installation. We will work with you to provide remote assistance.

Note: If RPSV4 2020 was installed in your office last fall, RPSV4 2020.1829 will still need to be installed.

Elected vs appointed assessors

No, it’s not a steel cage match or a company softball game. It’s just a summary of how you and your colleagues find your way into your positions. Select the map below to enlarge it.

map of New York State assessors divided into how they received their position of assessor (elected, appointed, sole)

Is your town board interested in transitioning to an appointed assessor? See Towns changing from three member boards of elected assessors.

Judicial case

We’ve added Matter of Pierson House, Inc. v Town of Southampton to Judicial cases.