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02/22/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

Website update

In our January 19 edition, we told you that your traditional way of accessing the assessor and director landing page (via the Government and Researchers link) on our website would be going away. It’s officially gone.

Now, to access your content, select the Real Property menu link:

Real Property Menu Link top menu

But that’s not all: we’ve overhauled the Real Property page!

Take a moment to browse the new page. Or, scroll down to the Local assessment officials section to access your content.

Local Assessment Officials Section Menu

BAR training update

We have three announcements this week regarding Board of Assessment Review (BAR) training:

  • BAR training schedule. The 2021 BAR Training Schedule is now available. We publish this schedule to assist BAR members who are unable to attend training in their home county. If you have not provided your training date to us, or if you have changes to your date, email the appropriate person below for your county:
  • BAR training waiver. ORPTS will extend the training deadline to May 1, 2022 for a BAR member under the following circumstances. The BAR member:
    • cannot attend training in their county,
    • cannot attend virtual training in another county, and
    • did not receive a waiver for training in 2021.
  • New training video. In light of the pandemic and the number of new county directors this year, we’re working with the County Directors Association to publish a new BAR training video. The video will include:
    • the comprehensive curriculum typically provided by individual county directors,
    • the mock grievance videos that were previously part of the training, and
    • frequently asked questions and answers from BAR members.

You will have the option to use the new video or to continue providing your own training. We will make the video available in early April. 

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases:

  • Matter of Cornell Univ. v Board of Assessment Review
  • Matter of The Bd. of Mgrs. of Liberty View Condominium v N. Y. City Dept. of Fin.