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01/25/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

Should you submit your LOA for early determination?

Do you think your level of assessment should be accepted as the 2021 equalization rate and residential assessment ratio for your municipality?

If your major type A (residential) ratio is within 5% of your overall ratio, you should consider submitting your LOA for an early determination.

If you believe you qualify and your tentative roll date is May 1, submit your 2021 LOA to your Regional Customer Service Liaison by Friday, February 19.

Working together to provide equity and save $2M in Washington County

Congratulations to Washington County and the Towns of Dresden, Easton, Fort Edward, Jackson, Salem, and White Creek.

The county and towns received a grant in 2020 for $590,031 to help fund a joint reassessment project with the collaborative support of the county.
Together, they applied for the Local Government Efficiency Grant administered by the New York State Department of State. The partnership of the county and towns won the competitive grant because, by working together to contract for the reassessments, they would save roughly $2 million.

Washington County also submitted a Shared Services plan for assessment services, which should cover the total expense of the revaluation.

As Washington County RPT Director Laura Chadwick said, “Reassessment is cheaper by the dozen.” She explained that none of the six towns are currently assessing at 100% but that this will enable all of them to do so in 2022.

For each town to do a reassessment independently, it would have cost $85 to $115 per parcel. But by having all six towns contract together, they will save at least $20 per parcel.

Together, they have more than 10,000 parcels.

Each town has its own assessor or 3-member board:

  • Dresden – June Maniacek
  • Easton – John Violette (Chairman), Allen Curtis (Member), Lisa Boyce (Member)
  • Fort Edward – Victoria Hayner
  • Jackson – Jean McLenithan (Chairwoman), Timothy Grogan (Member), Arek Gordon (Member)
  • Salem – Jean McLenithan
  • White Creek – Ronna Meerwarth

Congratulations to the towns and the county for finding a way to provide equity to your property owners while saving taxpayer dollars and winning state funding to lower the cost!

Judicial Cases

New Judicial cases:

  • Matter of TELX New York LLC v Tax Commn. of the City of N.Y.
  • Matter of Crystal Run Galleria LLC v Town of Wallkill