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01/19/2021 Assessment Community Weekly

2021 Agricultural Values and RPSV4 update

The 2021 Agricultural Assessment Values per Acre are now available from Agricultural assessment information.

RPSV4 users:

You can install the 2021 values from the RPSV4 software updates webpage. Performing this update will not increase the database change level; this is a data-only release and does not directly affect functionality contained in the application or the database.

To verify that the new 2021 values have been loaded into your database, check the Agricultural Soil Group Definition table in the Reference Table Selection area of the Administration Module for 2021 values.

We also recommend you execute the Administrative RPS344—Agricultural Exemption Update.
RPSV4 replication sites should run this update at both the remote and consolidated sites.

Updated IVP webpages

We’ve updated the following webpages for 2021:

Note: If you’re transmitting IVP forms to the Tax Department for data entry, you no longer need to batch mobile homes and co-ops separately. We have removed that instruction from the webpage above. However, the transmittal cover sheet will take longer to update. In the meantime, you can ignore this line on that form:

Type of property included in transmittal (Note: Mobile homes and cooperatives should be accompanied by their own, separate transmittal form.) Enter M for mobile home, C for cooperative, and P for non-MH/coop.

New: How to reach the Assessor and Director landing page

We’re giving you advance warning that changes are coming to the navigation on our website.

Traditionally, you’ve accessed Property tax and assessment administration (also known as) the Assessor/Director landing page) through Government and researchers on our website.

Tax Department global header with a red circle around government and researchers

In the near future, we'll update our Web menu to reflect usage.
Government and researchers will no longer be part of that menu. You can now access your landing page through the Real Property link in that menu.

Tax Department global header with a red circle around Real property

For now, on the Real Property page, you can find the link to your landing page here:

Existing Real Property landing page with a red circle around the button View Assessor and County Official Resources

Our next step will be to make your link more predominant on that page. Stay tuned.

If you already have bookmarks or favorites to specific pages on our website, those links will continue to work.

As always, we encourage you to save a click or two by bookmarking your landing page: Property tax and assessment administration.