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11/23/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

The ORPTS family wishes the assessment community a very happy Thanksgiving!

The STAR Credit Issued Report (Report #11) is now available for most municipalities

Report #11 lists all property owners who have received a 2020 STAR credit as of November 16. The report indicates whether they received the Basic or Enhanced credit.

The report is available for all municipalities that issue school tax bills on or before September 1.

We provide this report for your information. You are not required to take any action regarding the report.

To view or download the report, see the Online Assessment Community.
Report #11 is the last of the 2020 STAR reports.

SCAR and Tax Certiorari webpages updated

You may not be aware that ORPTS publishes county-by-county totals of tax cert and SCAR cases each year. The New York State Office of Court Administration provides the data for the pages.

Recently, we updated both pages to include 2019 counts.

This week’s quiz

Remember those fun toys you used to get in your sugary cereal?

True or False? There’s a tax break in Canada for cereal if it contains a toy.

Answer next week!

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases:

  • Matter of Laertes Solar, LLC v Assessor of Town of Harford
  • Matter of Cornell Univ. v Board of Assessment Review