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11/10/2020 - Quick survey regarding RPSV4 letters

Please take this quick survey

We are in the process of working with Tyler Technologies to incorporate the forms and letters currently offered in RPSV4 into the Assessment Community Enterprise System (ACES).

As part of that review, we are interested in whether you use some of the letters that are currently in RPSV4.

Please take five minutes to complete our survey and answer a few questions regarding some of the letters in the RPSV4 Letter Group.

The survey will be available until early next week.

If you have questions about the survey, email

Note: The forms currently in RPSV4 (such as RP-467, RP-467-Rnw, RP-425-E, RP-425-B and several others) are also being incorporated into ACES. They are not included in this survey.

Thank you!