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08/24/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

STAR Check Delivery Schedule

We’ve started issuing STAR credits. Use the STAR Check Delivery Schedule to see when they’re coming to your area.

STAR credit denial letters

Along with sending STAR credits to homeowners, we’re also sending letters to homeowners who are not eligible for the credit or from whom we need additional information. We provide links to the content of most of our letters on STAR Resources under Respond to a STAR letter.

Here are some of the recently added heavy hitters and their associated denial reasons. Click the link to see a summary of the letter.

  • RP-5310-WS. We need more information to confirm income eligibility.
  • RP-5310-DLI. Income exceeds $500,000.
  • RP-5310-DLPR. None of the owners are primary residents.
  • RP-5310-DLR. Our records indicate that the one-family residence is a rental.

New judicial case

We’ve added Matter of Cornell Univ. v Board of Assessment Review to Judicial cases.