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08/13/2020 How to request a list of Enhanced STAR credit recipients

For localities that opted into the provisions of RPTL 925-b

School Tax Collecting Officers,

RPTL 925-b provides taxing jurisdictions other than counties with the option to extend the property tax payment due date by five days for seniors receiving any of the following:

  • Senior citizens exemption (467)
  • Enhanced STAR exemption
  • Enhanced STAR credit

While assessors can provide lists of homeowners receiving the senior citizens and Enhanced STAR exemptions, they may not have a complete list of Enhanced STAR credit recipients at this time.

If a taxing jurisdiction has opted into this provision, the assessor or tax collecting officer can request a list of the seniors receiving the Enhanced STAR credit by sending an email to Please include RPTL 925-B Request in the subject line so we can route it efficiently.