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Request for 2020-2021 school tax rates

Dear School Business Officials,

We hope that you are well during this most unusual year.

Each year we ask you to provide your school tax rates to our department as early as possible so that we can process STAR credits for the homeowners in your district.

We are reaching out today to school districts that will issue tax bills on or around September 1. Please provide us with your 2020-2021 tax rates by Monday, August 17 so that we can begin calculating STAR for homeowners in your district.

If your rates will not be final by that date:

  • please provide us with your expected rates by August 17, and
  • include in your email the date that your board will meet to finalize the rates.

How to provide the rates

  1. Use the Tax Rate Data Spreadsheet, which includes instructions.
  2. Enter school tax rates per $1,000 of assessed value for each municipal segment in your school district, excluding the library levy, if any.
  3. Indicate if the tax rates are expected or final.
  4. Send your completed spreadsheet to

If your school tax rates will be provided by someone other than your school business official (for example, in Suffolk County, the final tax rates are provided by each town), please forward this request to the appropriate person as soon as possible.

If the rates change

If the final tax rates differ from the expected tax rates you provided in your spreadsheet, please send an amended spreadsheet to us.


  • Email

Note: In addition to this communication, our staff is reaching out via email directly to school business officials. After we receive your final tax rates, we will not contact you again on this topic. Thank you for your prompt assistance.