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Final Roll Corrections Report (Report #6) now available

The Final Roll Corrections Report (Report #6) for the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP) is now available in the Online Assessment Community for localities:

  • with final roll dates on or around July 1, and
  • that submitted their final rolls to by the July 10 deadline.

If you submitted your final (or amended) roll to ORPTS after July 10, we will issue your report at a later date.

What to do next

Update the roll file that will be used to issue school tax bills based on the Current Status field. However, if a property is listed on the report as eligible but you’re aware that – as of taxable status date – it’s not eligible due to age, ownership, or residency:

  • update the roll file based on your determination, and
  • follow the instructions on How to submit Report #6 changes.

New process for submitting changes

To streamline our review of the report changes that you submit, we’re implementing a new process, including a spreadsheet for those submitting multiple changes. See How to submit Report #6 changes.

For those that submitted changes after the Tentative Roll Corrections Report (Report #4) due to age, ownership, or residency

If the changes you submitted do not appear in Report #6, you do not need to resubmit them. To expedite Report #6, we issued the report but while we are in the process of finalizing the changes submitted by some municipalities.