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06/29/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

We wish each of you a very happy Fourth of July!

Equalization rate update

We have published equalization rates for all municipalities where school tax bills are issued on or before September 1.

Deadline to request advisory appraisals is approaching

If you’re conducting a reassessment, and you expect to request a utility advisory appraisal, the deadline to submit Form RP-7021, Utility Advisory Appraisal Request is  270 days prior to your tentative roll date (by August 1 for localities using the standard assessment calendar). Please include a request for each year of a reassessment cycle.

COVID-related Executive Orders

To address COVID-19 issues related to real property tax administration, the Governor has issued Executive Order Numbers 202.22, 202.32, 202.36, 202.43,  202.44, and 202.45. The orders:

  • provide local governments with options related to tentative and final assessment rolls and grievance day,
  • provide options related to property tax payments in Westchester and Nassau Counties and the City of Buffalo, and
  • extend the time period for the payment of property taxes by 21 days in more than 100 specified municipalities that had asked the Governor to grant such extensions. Almost all of those municipalities are villages, the exceptions being the Cities of Corning, Peekskill, and Saratoga Springs, and the County of Suffolk.

Final Roll Reminder

Congratulations to all who are finalizing their rolls this week. Within ten days of filing your final roll, be sure to meet the requirements of Real Property Tax Law Section 1590:

  • Transmit your 15-C files to us (for instructions, see Assessment Roll and Assessor’s Report Filing Guidelines, and
  • Post the roll online and provide a link from your municipality’s homepage. If your city or town doesn’t have a website, you must arrange to have it posted on the county’s website.

STAR Report #5 Update

On June 24, we announced that the Final Voluntary Exemption Removal Report (Report #5) is available for standard calendar municipalities. The report lists property owners who were previously receiving the Basic or Enhanced STAR exemption but who have opted to switch to the STAR credit beginning this year.

You can now download all of the listed properties or just those that have been added since Report #3 in April.
The report defaults to new properties only. To download all of the properties:

  • select All in the Include dropdown menu,
  • select Search, and
  • select Download Report.

In case you missed it: RPSV4 cost data now available

For proprietary reasons, cost data is not available on the ORPTS website. To request the update, contact your ORPTS Regional Liaison.

STAR income worksheets and denial letters hitting mailboxes

We’re mailing various letters to homeowners regarding STAR credit eligibility. The letters ask property owners to complete an income worksheet or to respond if they disagree with our determination.
By law, assessors are authorized to help property owners complete the income worksheets. If property owners contact you about their letters, you can:

  • direct them to call the telephone number on the letter, or
  • call the Assessor/Director Hotline with the property owner on the line or in your office.

For the content of a particular letter, see the list under Respond to a STAR letter on the STAR Resource Center.

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases:

  • Matter of Foreclosure of Tax Liens, etc. v Tammy Burton Goldman
  • Matter of Lieb v Town of Smithtown Assessor's Office