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06/22/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

Final special franchise values

We are in the process of issuing final special franchise values. There are no changes from the tentative values.

State-owned land: Update and reminder

  • Final state land reports – The reports are now posted in the Online Assessment Community.
  • State-owned land: Easements reminder – If we publish a conservation easement list for your muni, please review your list and return it to us asap if you have not already done so.

If you have questions, email

STAR reports: What’s next

  • Tentative Roll Corrections Report (Report #4) - If you emailed us about any of the properties in your report, we’ll review your information and update our records where appropriate. When we publish the Final Roll Corrections Report (Report #6) in late July, we’ll include any remaining discrepancies between our records and your final roll.
  • Voluntary Exemption Removal Report (Report #5) - We’ll publish Report #5 later this week. The report lists property owners who opted to switch from the STAR exemption to the credit. By law, property owners can switch to the current year STAR credit up to two weeks prior to final roll date. After that date, we make every effort to issue the reports as quickly as possible.