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06/15/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

Report #4 now available for most standard calendar munis

The Tentative Roll Corrections Report (Report #4) is now available in the Online Assessment Community for 90 percent of the localities that use the standard assessment calendar (July 1 final roll and September 1 school tax bills).

Note: If you have not provided your tentative roll 15-c file to ORPTS, your report will not be available. Please provide it asap. If you have questions, contact your ORPTS customer service team.

The Tentative Roll Corrections Report indicates STAR changes that must be made prior to finalizing the final assessment roll. It includes the following:

  • disparities between the tentative assessment roll Reports #1, 2, and 3
  • changes to our determination due to a taxpayer responding to our mailing
  • flags for parcels that have missing or incomplete IVP enrollments

Use the report to update your files before publishing your final assessment roll. However, if a property is listed on the report as eligible but you’re aware that it’s not eligible due to age, ownership, or residency:

  • update the roll based on your determination, and
  • send the information to so we can update our records

For complete report details, see IVP Tentative Roll Corrections Report (Report #4) Instructions.

If your report is not available today, please check back later this week. We are processing tentative rolls daily and making the reports available as quickly as possible.

Up next – We will publish the Voluntary Exemption Removal Report (Report #5) in the upcoming days. The law provides that property owners can switch from the STAR exemption to the STAR credit up to two weeks prior to final roll date. After that deadline, we will process the registrations and issue the report as soon as quickly as possible. We expect the reports to be available for standard calendar municipalities on June 24.

2020 cost data now available

For proprietary reasons, cost data is not available on the ORPTS website. To request the update, contact your ORPTS Regional Liaison.

Stay up-to-date on property tax legislation

The Legislative status chart is updated with the latest property tax bills to pass both the Senate and the Assembly. To date, there are 23 bills on the list.

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases:

  • Matter of Level 3 Communications, LLC v Chautauqua County
  • Matter of Level 3 Communications, LLC v Erie County