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06/08/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

Income Limit for 2021-2022 Enhanced STAR

We’ve updated our webpages to reflect the new income limit for 2021-2022 Enhanced STAR benefits: $90,550. For example: Star eligibility.

We expect to make the 2021-2022 STAR forms available on August 3, after the last taxable status date for 2020 rolls has passed.

Equalization rates update

We’ve made more than 800 final equalization rates for 2020.

Reminder: If we confirm the level of assessment (LOA), we will establish the LOA as the final equalization rate. No tentative rate will be established.

We have two lookup tools for equalization rates:

For much more reassessment-related information, see Reassessment resources.

Coming soon: Tentative Roll Corrections Report (Report #4)

In the upcoming days, we’ll let you know when the next STAR report is available. The Tentative Roll Corrections Report will include:

  • disparities between the tentative assessment roll Reports #1, 2, and 3,
  • changes to our determination due to a taxpayer responding to our mailing, and
  • flags for parcels that have missing or incomplete IVP enrollments

You’ll use the report to update your files for the final assessment roll.

Q. If a senior qualifies for the Enhanced STAR exemption via the good cause program, should the assessor enter the property into the IVP Tool?

A. No. ORPTS staff will enter the property into the IVP Tool. We have updated Late Enhanced STAR applications due to good cause to clarify the roles of the assessor and ORPTS.

Aggregate full value tax rates updated online

We’ve updated the following pages to include the aggregate information for 2018 full value tax rates:

Judicial cases

New Judicial case:

  • Matter of Barklee 94 LLC v New York City Dept. of Finance