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04/27/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

For most of you, tentative roll date is rapidly approaching. Congratulations on your hard work to reach this point during this very challenging year!

Is your 2020 tentative or final roll date changing?

If you’re changing your tentative or final roll date in accordance with Executive Order Number 202.22, please send an email to with your SWIS code and the new date(s).

Within ten days of filing your tentative roll…

Please comply with the requirements of Real Property Tax Law Section 1590:

When closing IVP enrollments due to death

Now that the IVP Tool is open throughout the year, you should close enrollments due to death and property sales as you become aware of them. However, it’s important to choose the correct Close enrollment reason.

If the owner died or the property sold after taxable status date, select:

  • Deceased after Taxable Status Date, or
  • Sold after Taxable Status Date.

If it was before taxable status date, select:

  • Deceased, or
  • Property Sold.

You also have the option to select Created in Error.

New STAR and Property Tax Delinquency webpage

The 2020-2021 Enacted State Budget included a provision making property owners with property tax delinquencies older than one year ineligible for the Basic STAR exemption or the Basic STAR credit.

For the details see STAR and Property Tax Delinquency.

New webpage for certain STAR exemption appeals

Property owners have the opportunity to challenge our initial determination that they are not eligible for the STAR exemption. If, after we review their information, we continue to believe they are ineligible, we will issue a final determination denying that exemption, which they can formally protest to the State Board.

For details, see Formally protest a notice denying the STAR exemption.

Note: Only property owners who receive a letter stating that we have made a final determination that they are ineligible for the STAR exemption, and advising them of their formal protest rights, may appeal our determination to the State Board.