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04/13/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

Happy Easter and Zissen Pesach to those celebrating!

Watch your email tomorrow for an announcement about STAR Reports.

Two Level of Assessment (LOA) reminders:

  • To help us make timely equalization rates, if you have not already done so, please send your 2020 LOA to the customer service team for your county. Visit ORPTS customer service teams, select the name of your county, and a pre-addressed email to your team should open in your email package.
  • RPSV4 users: Ensure that you update the Uniform Percent in the SWIS-Reference table with your 2020 LOA before producing the tentative roll.

Option for counties to appoint BAR members

The 2019-2020 Enacted State Budget included a provision to assist municipalities that have difficulty appointing qualified board of assessment review (BAR) members. The provision allows a county and municipality to agree that the county’s legislative body will appoint BAR members for the municipality. The members must reside in the county, but not necessarily in the municipality.

For details, see RPTL §1537(5):

An agreement between an assessing unit and a county for assessment review services shall provide for the members of the board of assessment review of the assessing unit to be appointed by the legislative body of the county upon the recommendation of the county director of the real property tax services. Each member so appointed shall be a resident of the county but need not be a resident of the assessing unit. The board of assessment review as so constituted shall have the authority to receive, review and resolve petitions for assessment review filed in such assessing unit, and for the corrections of errors therein, to the full extent set forth in article five of this chapter.