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04/06/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

Many thanks to all who participated in today’s STAR Program webinar! As we mentioned during the webinar, we recommend bookmarking STAR Information for Local Officials for easy access to all the latest STAR information.

STAR maximums for 2020-2021 school taxes

The Maximum 2020-2021 STAR exemption savings are now available on our website.

In addition, the associated RPSV4 database update is available on Real Property System. STAR_Cap_2020.exe is available under STAR data on that page.

We will let you know when the 2020-2021 STAR Exemption Amounts are available in the upcoming days.

Two training announcements

  • The ORPTS Training Schedule is updated through the end of the year. We encourage you to enroll at your earliest convenience, but please bear in mind that the dates are subject to change if necessary.
  • For those who have yet to complete basic certification, the deadline has been extended an additional year. For example, if your original deadline to complete basic certification was September 1, 2020, you now have until September 1, 2021.
    Questions? Email

New ORPTS Central Region Manager

Please join us in congratulating Kate Garbutt on her new role as Regional Manager of our Syracuse Office!

State-owned land: update and reminder

New: Taxable state conservation easement lists are now available.

If you have not already done so, review your 2020 preliminary taxable state land lists by April 10.

Preliminary lists of 2020 taxable state land and taxable state conservation easements are now available in the Online Assessment Community for affected municipalities. By April 10, please review all posted documents and follow the instructions to complete the lists.

Due to limited in-office coverage, please:

For more information about the preliminary lists, select the Help button on any screen in the application. If you have questions after reviewing the instructions and your list, email our State Land Unit

Legislative list updated

The Current status chart of property tax-related legislation is updated to reflect the 2020-2021 Enacted Budget Bills.