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03/02/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

Residential Assessment Ratios now online

RARs for munis on the standard assessment calendar are now available in Municipal Profiles.

IVP deadlines approaching

In early April, we will issue the first round of STAR eligibility reports for municipalities with May 1 tentative roll dates. To help us have complete data for your municipality, please adhere to these deadlines:

  • Wednesday, March 11 - if you're transmitting the data to us for data entry. (See the requirements reminder below).
  • Monday, March 16 - if you're entering the IVP data directly into the IVP Tool.

STAR reports: Coming soon to your muni

As you’ll likely recall, last year was the first year that we issued multiple IVP reports to you. In addition, there were several other new and returning STAR reports.

To simplify the process this year, we’re publishing a comprehensive schedule: STAR program actions and reports. The schedule is organized by timeframe:

  • On or before taxable status date
  • Before finalizing your tentative roll
  • Before finalizing your final roll
  • Before school taxes are processed

It includes each of the reports that we’ll issue this year:

  • STAR credit reports
  • IVP reports
  • STAR removal reports
  • Standalone reports that do not require local action

It also includes the local responsibilities related to the STAR program.

We recommend printing the schedule on legal paper (8.5 x 14”) for easy reading and reference.

New this year: Last year we issued a Preliminary IVP Eligibility Report in February. The report didn’t require any action and, as such, we are not issuing it this year. If your tentative roll date is May 1, you can expect to receive your first round of reports in early April. See page 2 of the schedule for details.

Letter on its way to mobile home park owners

Note: This doesn’t directly impact the assessment community, but we’re keeping you informed in case you’re contacted by a mobile home park owner.

In the upcoming months, we’ll launch a new online application for mobile home park owners to submit semi-annual reports.

Last week, we announced a new webpage: Manufactured Home Parks Registration.

Now, a letter regarding the new registration is on its way to park owners.

We’ll keep you up to date as the application nears its launch date.

Reminder: Requirements for transmitting IVP forms for data entry

If you’re submitting Form RP-425-IVP to us for data entry, please bear in mind these requirements:

  • Submit Form RP-425.5, Enhanced STAR IVP RP-425 Transmittal Form with each batch of forms.
  • Don't staple any of the documents you provide.
  • Enter the muni code on every IVP in the For assessor's use only section on the bottom of page 1.
  • The current IVP form is a two-page form with a revision date of 12/19. If you receive one or more of the previous one-page IVP forms, include them in a separate batch with its own transmittal form.

Thank you for your cooperation to improve the processing of IVP forms on behalf of seniors in your community. For full instructions, see: How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department.

Judicial Cases

New Judicial cases:

Tax Equity Now NY LLC v City of New York