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02/18/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

We hope you all enjoyed your Presidents Day weekend.

Special Franchise Values and Telecommunication Ceilings on their way

We've mailed the certificates for special franchise to all municipalities (except New York City, which is on a different schedule). If you haven't received yours by Wednesday, February 26, email

Reminder: 2020 level of assessment (LOA) due February 21

If your taxable status date is March 1, please submit your LOA to your Regional Customer Service Liaison by this Friday, February 21. We will consider your LOA as we calculate 2020 residential assessment ratios (RAR). We expect to issue the RARs on March 2.

It’s income tax time; what you need to know about reporting property tax credits

Most taxpayers take the standard deduction, and they aren’t required to report the STAR credit or property tax credit on their income taxes. Those who itemize their deductions should reduce their property tax deductions by the amount of their STAR and/or property tax relief credits.

So, are the STAR and property tax relief credits taxed as income for those who itemize their deductions? No, the net effect for those who itemize is the same as it is for homeowners who received a STAR exemption. In both cases, the STAR benefit is not included in the amount of property taxes deducted.

Answers to your questions

Q. If an enrollment in the IVP Tool is wrongly closed, how can I reactivate it?

A. You have five days to reactivate the enrollment in the IVP Tool. After that time, email to reactivate it.

Q. If a new Enhanced STAR applicant is not eligible for Enhanced STAR, should I still enroll the property in the IVP Tool?

A. No. Only enroll properties that are eligible for the Enhanced STAR exemption. The applicant should reapply for the exemption the following year.

Q. A property is enrolled in the IVP, but the owners have moved. If they still own the property should I close the enrollment?

A. No. Rather than closing the enrollment, select "non-resident owner" to reflect that they are not eligible because they moved. This spring, the STAR eligibility report will indicate that they’re not eligible for the Enhanced or Basic STAR exemption. If the home becomes their primary residence again, you can easily update the owners’ status.

Judicial Cases

New Judicial cases:

Matter of Foreclosure of Tax Liens, etc. v Paul J. Schenk, Jr.