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1/27/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

We welcome the County Directors Association and the Real Property Tax Administration Committee to Albany this week. We look forward to working with you!

2020 Agricultural Values update for RPSV4

We have removed the update from the Real Property System webpage while we review its functionality. We will let you know when we make it available again.

How to transmit IVP forms to us for data entry

If you choose to have our department do the data entry for your IVP forms, bear in mind that there are a couple of changes from last year:

We are not accepting the forms via fax this year. You can continue to transmit the forms to us via a secure email account, United States Postal Service, or hand delivery.

Note: Secure email is efficient and fast. If you haven’t set up an account yet, it’s easy. Email your name, municipality, and phone number to to request a Secure Communications (SCOM) account. We will send account information and instructions to you. Do not send IVP forms through regular email.

If the mailing address, which is included on Form RP-425-E, is different than the property address, insert Form RP-425-E directly behind the corresponding Form RP-425-IVP. Otherwise, do not include any stapled documents or other attachments, such as tax documents or worksheets.

Similar to last year:

For detailed instructions, visit How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department.

Judicial Cases

New Judicial cases:

Matter of Tuckahoe Common Sch. Dist. v Town of Southampton