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01/21/2020 Assessment Community Weekly

2020 Agricultural Assessment Values

The 2020 Agricultural Assessment Values per Acre are now available from Agricultural assessment information.

RPSV4 Users: The associated RPSV4 update is available from the Software updates webpage. Performing this update will not increase the database change level; this is a data-only release and does not directly affect functionality contained in the application or the database. To verify that the new 2020 values have been loaded into your database, check the Agricultural Soil Group Definition table in the Reference Table Selection area of the Administration Module for 2020 values. We also recommend that you execute the Administrative RPS344—Agricultural Exemption Update.

RPSV4 replication sites should run this update at both the remote and consolidated sites.

New Online Assessment Community (OAC) entry page

We’ve updated the OAC entry page to be a one-stop shop for all things related to accessing the secure site.

Bookmark Online Assessment Community: Secure site for assessors, county directors and their staff for easy access.

New features:

  • I’m having trouble signing in
  • I need to request an account
  • Basic access vs. elevated access
  • I need to make changes to or deactivate an account

Reminder: Upon leaving a jurisdiction, you must notify of the change so your access can be removed. Include in your email the user's name and the name and SWIS code of the municipality that needs to be removed.

Assessor orientation

County Directors: Is there a new assessor in your county who needs orientation? Visit Assessor Orientation for the PowerPoint and completion certificate. Bookmark that page for future access.