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Weekly newsletter of the Office of Real Property Tax Services

It’s 2020, and the STAR handout, webpage, and registration application are updated accordingly

When registering for the STAR credit, homeowners are now prompted to enter their 2018 federal adjusted gross income minus taxable IRA distributions. For the updated content, see:

Heartfelt condolences for Joe Maciejewski

After working with Joe “Maj” for more than twenty years in his various positions and leadership roles, we’re greatly saddened by his passing. Our hearts go out to his family, friends, and colleagues.

Board of Assessment Review Training webpage

County Directors: Now that 2020 is here, bookmark this page so you’re ready when BAR training time comes around: Board of Assessment Review Training.

In case you missed it (ICYMI) – post-holiday edition

  • New RPSV4 Release. Release 2016_4818 and the associated database release are now available on Real Property System.
  • Update to Form RP-425-IVP. The IVP form is updated to include the income tax return filing status of each of the owners and spouses.
  • STAR Credit Issued Reports available. The reports include all 2019 STAR checks issued prior to November 13. Access the reports in the Online Assessment Community.
  • Two new reports. The Senior Income Level Report lists seniors who received the Enhanced STAR exemption in 2019 and whose 2018 adjusted gross income (AGI) may be below $37,400. As you know, eligibility for the senior citizens exemption is not based on AGI, but rather on a definition of income that is more inclusive than AGI. However, this report may be helpful to assessors who wish to reach out to lower-income seniors and advise them of the availability of the senior citizens exemption. (The statutory maximum income for the sliding scale senior citizens exemption is currently $37,399).

    The Deceased Report lists properties where one of the owners has been reported as deceased on a New York State income tax return filed on or after January 1, 2018. Note: By law this report is only available to county directors, but directors are authorized to share it with assessors, tax receivers and county treasurers.

    Both reports are accessed in the Online Assessment Community. For details, see the December 18 announcement.

Judicial cases

New on the Judicial cases webpage:

  • Matter of Sullivan Farms, II, Inc. v Assessor of the Town of Mamakating