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12/23/2019 Assessment Community Weekly

Happy Holidays from the ORPTS Family to the Assessment Community!

New RPSV4 Release

Release 2016_4818 and the associated database release are now available on Real Property System.

This release includes two new property class codes, new exemptions, report updates, and other modifications. For the details, see the release memo (login to Online Assessment Community required).

Answers to your IVP Tool questions

Q. A property receiving the Enhanced STAR exemption is no longer eligible due to the death of all eligible owners. However, when I attempt to close the enrollment, I only see options to:

  • Add enrollment,
  • Merge, or
  • Split.

How can I close the enrollment?

A. After searching for the property, you selected a Roll Record, rather than an IVP Enrollment. Roll Records are not yet enrolled in the IVP, so you don't have the option to close the enrollment. You don't need to take any action in the tool. Of course, you will still need to make any necessary changes for ownership, exemptions, etc., in RPSV4 or other software you use for assessment administration.