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Outreach to assessors regarding mobile homes, co-ops, and good cause

We just want to give you a heads-up that our staff may be emailing you over the next few days for a quick confirmation regarding Enhanced STAR exemptions. If the resident of a mobile home park or a co-op in your jurisdiction requested an Enhanced STAR deadline extension for a good cause, after we confirm that they are income eligible, we will contact you. We will ask you:

  • to confirm the STAR exemption status of the lot or unit (Basic, Enhanced, or no STAR exemption), and
  • whether you’re aware that the property is not eligible for the exemption based on age, ownership, and residency.

If the unit or lot is eligible for Enhanced STAR and is not already receiving the exemption, we will send them a check for the remaining benefit.

Thank you for your continued assistance to ensure that all eligible seniors receive the Enhanced STAR benefit.