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Assessment Community Weekly 09/16/2019

Many thanks for your ongoing good cause reviews

We’ve said it for the past several weeks; we’ll say it for a few more. Thank you for reviewing the good cause lists that we send to you as we receive senior citizen requests. If you receive a list, please let us know if you’re aware that someone on the list isn’t eligible for age, residency, or ownership reasons.

We expect to continue sending lists of good cause applicants to you through mid-October. The deadline for submitting a good cause request to our department is the last day that school taxes are due without penalty.

Additional information regarding the RPSV4 update announced last week

Thanks to those of you who provided feedback about the update announced on September 11.

  • When downloading the EXE file, some browsers (such as Internet Explorer) remove the .exe file extension from the file name.

Solution: When saving the file, add .exe to the end of the file name if it isn’t already there.

  • When you install an RPSV4 update that includes new letters or forms, you must re-run the RTF Load function. If you have multiple users, this only needs to be run once from one computer.

Solution: Follow these instructions to run the RTF Load Utility (instructions courtesy of Melanie Koch from our Western Region).

What to do with incoming IVP forms

Compared to last year, you can expect to receive a much smaller number of IVP forms this year; only new Enhanced STAR applicants should submit them this year.

As you receive the forms, you’ll have two options beginning when we launch the new IVP tool:

  • transmit the forms to us using the same options as last year, or
  • enter the forms into the new tool.

Until the new IVP tool is available, please store the forms securely in your office. We’ll let you know when you can begin transmitting and entering the forms.

Senior citizen exemption renewal forms available on our website

The 2020 versions of Forms RP-467, RP-467-Rnw, and 467-I are now available on Property tax forms - exemptions.

Correction of errors are still necessary under some circumstances

Recent law changes have removed the need to use the corrections of error process when we report to you that a property owner should receive the Basic or Enhanced STAR exemption as a result of:

  • the good cause process,
  • our income verification program review, or
  • other Tax Department-directed STAR exemption reinstatements.

However, under other circumstances when a change is necessary after the final assessment roll is published, homeowners will continue to use the traditional process to submit the following forms to the county property tax director: