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Assessment Community Weekly 09/09/19

On behalf of the eligible seniors in your jurisdiction, thank you for your prompt and ongoing assistance to review the good cause lists as we provide them to you. Below are a couple of brief announcements.

Property tax relief credits

We have begun to issue property tax relief credit checks across the state. We will continue to mail them this month to property owners in localities where the deadline to pay school tax bills is September 30.

If you are contacted by a property owner with a question about their check, please direct them to our call center at 518-453-8146. Our representatives are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on weekdays.

Coming soon to RPSV4: exemption renewal applications

This week, we’ll launch an RPSV4 update with renewal applications for the Enhanced STAR and senior citizens exemptions. Watch your email for the announcement.

Daily Newspage

If you haven’t visited Assessment and Property Tax News lately, check it out. We update the page each business day with articles related to our esteemed profession. Did we miss an article?  Send the link to

Judicial cases

New Judicial case:

  • Matter of T.B.S. Realty Mgt., LLC v Town of Ramapo