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Assessment Community Weekly 08/12/2019

Direct good cause forms to the appropriate address

In an effort to help seniors in your communities, some assessors have directed the new Form RP-425-GC to us via means other than the address listed on the form and instructions. To ensure that the forms are processed as quickly as possible, please direct seniors who receive the form to send it to:

ALBANY NY 12227-0801

Reminder: Form RP-425-GC was developed for specific Tax Department mailings to impacted seniors this year as a result of the implementation of the mandatory Income Verification Program. It does not replace the standard process for Late Enhanced STAR applications due to good cause

2049 on your RPSV4 file is not a guarantee that the property is in IVP

We have heard from assessors who assumed that, because 2049 was in the RPSV4 Term Year field, the property owner was automatically participating in the IVP. The data from Form RP-425-IVP must have been transmitted to us in one of two ways:

  • the assessor entered the data into the IVP tool, or
  • the assessor sent the forms to us for data entry. 

Some assessors use 2049 in RPSV4 to denote those properties in the IVP. We do not track the use of 2049.

To confirm that a property is in the IVP, use the reports that we provided to you this year. 

Reminder: STAR Credit Eligible Reports now available

Last Wednesday, we announced that the STAR Credit Eligible Reports are available in the Online Assessment Community for localities with school tax levy dates on or around September 1.

STAR Credit Eligible Reports include property owners who have successfully registered and are eligible for the STAR credit. Use the reports to update your roll file with STAR credit recipients before tax bill processing so the required language appears on appropriate school tax bills.

STAR Credit Eligible Reports reflect the current status of approved registrations. If a registered property owner does not appear on your list, it means we have not processed a 2019 STAR credit for that person at this time.  It does not necessarily mean that we have made a determination that they are not eligible.  The processing continues even after the list is issued.

To access your list, select your municipality from the dropdown menu. For assistance, see STAR credit report instructions or contact your ORPTS Customer Service Liaison.

Key telephone lines:

  • Assessor/Director Hotline: 518-457-9053 (reminder, this is for your use only)
  • Homeowners’ STAR Credit line: 518-457-2036
  • Homeowners’ Property Tax Relief Credit line: 518-453-8146

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