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STAR Credit Eligible Reports now available 08/07/2019

STAR Credit Eligible Reports are now available in the Online Assessment Community for localities with school tax levy dates on or around September 1.

STAR Credit Eligible Reports include property owners who have successfully registered and are eligible for the STAR credit. Use the reports to update your roll file with STAR credit recipients before tax bill processing so the required language appears on appropriate school tax bills.

STAR Credit Eligible Reports reflect the current status of approved registrations. If a registered property owner does not appear on your list, it means we have not processed a 2019 STAR credit for that person at this time.  It does not necessarily mean that we have made a determination that they are not eligible.  The processing continues even after the list is issued.

To access your list, select your municipality from the dropdown menu. For assistance, see STAR credit report instructions or contact your ORPTS customer service team.

Reminder: two school tax bill changes

As a result of the 2019-2020 Enacted State Budget, school tax bill processors will need to make two changes to the 2019 school tax bills:

  • Change the note for those receiving the STAR credit to read:
    An estimated STAR check has been or will be mailed to you by the NYS Tax Department. Any overpayment or underpayment can be reconciled on your next tax return or STAR credit check.
  • Change the note regarding the cap on STAR savings to read:
    Note: This year’s STAR exemption benefit cannot exceed last year’s benefit. 

Thank you for notifying the appropriate parties in your community to these changes.