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Assessment Community Weekly 07/29/2019

We hope you’re all having a great summer!  Please see two important announcements below regarding the IVP Final Roll Corrections Reports and school tax bills.

RPSV4 update for school tax bills

The FoxPro Tax Bill Print Utility that many of you use to generate school tax bills is now updated to reflect language changes resulting from legislation.

The update consists of these changes:

  • The language for STAR credit recipients has been modified to read: An estimated STAR check has been or will be mailed to you by the NYS Tax Department. Any overpayment or underpayment can be reconciled on your next tax return or STAR credit check.
  • The language regarding the cap on STAR savings has been modified to read: Note: This year’s STAR tax savings cannot exceed last year’s.  Previously, this language ended with the phrase "by more than 2%"; that phrase has been removed. 

To receive the update, contact your ORPTS Customer Service Liaison.

After you receive the files, if you have any Tax Bill Header TXT files saved, we recommend you copy and save them to a safe location. Then simply place the contents of the ZIP file into the folder holding the Tax Bill Print Utility (typically C:\Tax98). Once complete, restore any saved TXT files.

Final Roll Corrections Reports

Final Roll Corrections reports for the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP) are now available in the Online Assessment Community for localities:

  • with final roll dates on or around July 1, and
  • that have submitted their final rolls to ORPTS by July 10.

If you submitted your final (or amended) roll to ORPTS after July 10, we will issue your report at a later date.

What to do next

Update the roll that will be used to issue school tax bills based on the report, unless you’re aware that the property owner isn’t eligible due to residency, age, or ownership.

IMPORTANT! If you have contacted us with additional information on specific properties or have recently submitted missing IVP forms based on the Tentative Roll Corrections report and have received a response from us, that response supersedes any information that may be provided in the Final Roll Corrections report.


This report contains only properties where the Tax Department has determined there is a change in eligibility (indicated in the Current Status column) compared to what appeared on the final roll the assessor submitted to ORPTS (indicated in the Final Roll Status column).  Use the report to update your tax roll.

Final Roll Status and Current Status codes

The Final Roll Status column is the STAR exemption status that appeared on the final roll submitted to ORPTS.
The Current Status column is the STAR income eligibility status determined by the Tax Department. The results in this column are what should appear on the school tax bill unless you have additional information that the property does not meet the age, ownership, or residency requirements for STAR.

E = this property has met the income requirement for the Enhanced STAR exemption.

B = this property has met the income requirement for the Basic STAR exemption.

N = this property has not met the income requirement for the STAR exemption. Remove the STAR exemption from the roll.

Status Reason code

If the Status Reason field includes an A, this property does not have an IVP enrollment, or has incomplete IVP information.
This property has not met the IVP enrollment requirement and, therefore, does not qualify for Enhanced STAR. Update the roll so that the Basic STAR exemption will appear on the school tax bill.  Properties identified as having a missing or incomplete IVP enrollment will be mailed a letter with instructions to file an application for Good Cause.

Discrepancy Flag code

If the Discrepancy Flag field contains an N, this property's STAR exemption benefit type does not match the Tax Department's income eligibility determination.
The STAR exemption benefit type appearing on the final roll submitted to ORPTS by the assessor does not match the Tax Department's income eligibility. Update your roll so the property’s STAR exemption type on your tax roll matches what is in the Current Status column.
Contact if you believe there is an error in the report.