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Assessment Community Weekly 07/15/2019

Letter to seniors at risk of losing the Enhanced STAR exemption

This week, we’ll begin mailing a new form to certain seniors at risk of losing their Enhanced STAR exemption. This form includes instructions to request a good cause deadline extension. We do not have complete Income Verification Program (IVP) enrollments for these homeowners.

If you are contacted by a homeowner who receives the form, please advise them to complete the form and send—along with any required documentation—to our address listed on the letter.

Note: this form is being used for this specific mailing and does not replace the standard process for requesting a good cause extension, which is described on Late Enhanced STAR applications due to good cause.

Email to assessors to restore certain Basic STAR exemptions

Please be aware that you may receive an email from our staff to restore the Basic STAR exemption of certain homeowners in your jurisdiction. The subject line reads Protest of STAR exemption denial approved. A small number of homeowners challenged our determination that their income is greater than $250,000 and provided additional or updated documentation. After reviewing the new information, we agreed that they are income eligible for the Basic STAR exemption.

If you receive such an email, please restore the exemption prior to finalizing the school tax roll.

Correction of errors forms updated

Forms RP-554 and RP-556 have been updated to remove the Directed Reinstatement option in Part 3. That option was added to the forms so the assessor could apply for the correction of Good Cause determinations without having to check the Clerical Error box. The Directed Reinstatement option is no longer required because of statutory amendments that were enacted in April. Those amendments provide that, when the commissioner determines that good cause existed for missing the filing deadline, the assessor can make retroactive changes to the roll directly (without utilizing the correction of errors process). The commissioner will notify the assessor when a good cause determination has been made.

New archive of Assessment Community Weekly posts

We have a new user-friendly archive of our weekly email announcements. Bookmark Assessment Community Weekly archive. Until we add search functionality to this archive, you can still use Internet Explorer to search the previous archive.

Judicial cases

New Judicial case:

  • Matter of Maragos v Town of Hempstead Indus. Dev. Agency