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Assessment Community Weekly 07/08/19

Update on corrections to your roll

Many thanks to all of you who are working to apply the changes from the Tentative Roll Corrections Report to your final roll or 15-C file. If your final roll date is typically July 1, we remind you that you are expected to send your 15-C file to us by July 10.  If you find you cannot make that deadline this year, the file (or updated file) should be sent to us as soon as possible; please let your Customer Service Liaison know the date you expect to send the file.

Many of you have contacted us with questions regarding specific properties in your report. We appreciate your diligence and we are researching your requests as we receive them.

If you have reviewed the guidance document that accompanies the report and you have additional questions, please email them to and include the following:

  • SWIS code
  • Parcel ID
  • Property Key
  • a description of the issue or question

Receiving your inquiries in writing with all the necessary details enables us to efficiently review each case.

When we complete the review, we will let you know the reason for the determination on the report if permitted by the secrecy provisions of the Tax Law. Some of the most common reasons include:

  • The IVP enrollment was deleted from the IVP tool. (This was likely done locally in error or in anticipation of 2020 assessment rolls.)
  • We need additional information from the property owner.
  • The enrollment requires manual review.
  • The IVP enrollment is incomplete. (We will send a letter and form to the property owner asking that they submit the form to us under the good cause provisions of the law.)

Unfortunately, there is some information we are prohibited from sharing with you. For instance, we can’t disclose specific information about a homeowner’s income. In addition, we can’t disclose that a property owner is deceased if the Social Security Administration is the source of that information. But we will always strive to share as much information as we can under the law.

Reminder: Basic STAR Ineligible Reports

On April 15, 2019, we issued updated Basic STAR Ineligible Reports to accommodate the new $250,000 income limit for the Basic STAR exemption. If you have not already removed those exemptions from your roll, it’s critical that you do so prior to sending us your 15-C files. If they are not removed, the property owners will receive bills from our Department for the STAR benefit, and their STAR credit checks will be delayed.

Note: It’s not sufficient to solely remove exemptions that were listed on the Excel reports distributed to you by our Customer Service Liaisons in early June. You must also remove all of the exemptions on the April 15 report.

Use secure methods to transmit stray IVP forms to us

If you find an IVP form that was filed on time but hasn’t been entered into the system, please send us the form. Refer to how to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department for secure transmittal instructions.

Do not use your standard work or personal email account to send them to us. We do not consider standard email to be a secure method of delivering personal information.

State Board Meeting Now Online

The video recording of the June 18 board meeting is now available from the State Board webpage. The next meeting will be July 24.

Judicial cases

New Judicial case:

  • Matter of The Assn. of Prop. Owners of Sleepy Hollow Lake, Inc. v McBride