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IVP Tool Shutdown 05/29/19

The editing component of the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP) tool has been disabled. You will not be able to add, delete, or otherwise edit 2019 data. However, IVP reports will still be available. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have a late 2019 STAR exemption application deadline, or you have late 2019 IVP enrollments, we will enter the data. Follow these instructions: How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department.

If you have important edits to 2019 data, we will make the edits for you. Email us at

We will make a new IVP Tool available in the Fall. We ask that you hold any 2020 IVP processing (edits or additions) until the tool is available. We also ask that you do not transmit any 2020 IVP enrollments to us until we notify you that we are ready to accept them.