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Assessment Community Weekly 04/29/19

New equalization law takes effect this year 

The 2019-2020 Enacted State Budget includes a provision that adds a new section 1211 to the Real Property Tax Law to streamline the equalization rate process. Beginning with 2019 equalization rates, if ORPTS confirms the assessor’s stated level of assessment (LOA), the LOA will become the final equalization rate. 

Reminder: Transmit and post your tentative rolls 

Within ten days of filing your tentative roll, be sure to meet the requirements of Real Property Tax Law Section 1590: 

RPSV4 Reminder: Mandatory patch for Enhanced STAR IVP Management Update Program

RPSV4 users: Run the mandatory db_779.exe patch before running the Enhanced STAR IVP Exemption Update Program. (This patch is available under Maintenance releases for RPS2016 from Real Property System.)

If you don’t run the db_779 patch, school taxable and STAR exemption amounts may be incorrect for some transactions.

The patch will update the Recalculate Exempts/Taxables program to correctly calculate school taxable and STAR exemption amounts for all transactions. The patch also includes a script that will repair data for any user who ran the program prior to the patch.

This patch is mandatory for all RPSV4 users and must be run before using the Enhanced STAR IVP Final Eligibility Report for RPS Processing.

You must run all available RPS updates in sequence.

In addition, you must re-run the Recalculate Exempts/Taxables program in RPSV4 administrative updates after any roll maintenance.

For questions regarding this release or the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP) reports, contact your ORPTS Customer Service Liaison.

Reminder: telecommunications ceilings are not assessments

Telecom ceilings have been issued to all impacted localities and companies. Bear in mind that the values that ORPTS produces are ceilings not assessments; local values can be less than or equal to the ceilings, but they cannot exceed the ceilings.