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Final IVP Eligibility Reports now online for standard calendar municipalities 04/17/19

Final Eligibility Reports and associated RPS utility

Final Eligibility Reports for the Enhanced STAR Income Verification Program (IVP) are now available in the Online Assessment Community for localities with tentative roll dates on or around May 1.

The reports include all properties that are enrolled in the IVP and that have been processed to date by our department. (We will publish additional reports after tentative and final rolls.)

What to do next

Update the tentative assessment roll based on the report, unless you’re aware that the property owner isn’t eligible due to residency, age, or ownership.

If a property that received the Enhanced STAR exemption in the prior year does not appear on this report, consider the following:

  • If the property owner timely submitted both the RP-425-Rnw and the RP-425-IVP with your office, and you have initially verified that they are eligible for Enhanced STAR, place the Enhanced STAR exemption on the tentative assessment roll.
  • If the property owner missed the exemption deadline, place the Basic STAR exemption on the tentative assessment roll. If, at some point prior to the last day to pay taxes without interest or penalty, the property owner submits the RP-425-Rnw and RP-425-IVP with your office, direct the senior to file a late Enhanced STAR application due to good cause with our department.

Mandatory RPSV4 patch

Reminder: RPSV4 users, you must run patch R2016_4008.exe and be at database level 778 before using:

  • the IVP Final Eligibility Report for RPS Processing, or
  • the Basic STAR Not Qualified Report (announced Monday).

The patch is available from Real Property System. It combines two recent patches and addresses potential issues related to the IVP and disqualification utilities.

Users of assessment administration software other than RPSV4

See page 36 of the Enhanced STAR IVP Tool User Guide for information specific to non-V4 users.