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Assessment Community Weekly 04/15/19

This week’s newsletter focuses on multiple aspects of the STAR program. We join with your homeowners to thank you for being stars on their behalf!

2019-2020 STAR exemption amounts and maximums now online

The STAR exemption amounts and maximums are now updated online for the 2019-2020 school year:

If you have questions, email

Basic STAR Ineligible Reports now online

The updated Basic STAR Ineligible Reports are available in the Online Assessment Community.

The reports list those who are ineligible due to income exceeding $250,000.

Assessors do not need to mail exemption removal notices to these property owners. We will mail denial letters to them. Depending on their income, the letters provide instructions to register for the STAR credit or appeal the determination to us.

In general, use the report to update impacted properties before publishing your tentative assessment roll.

  • If you have already published your tentative assessment roll, update the impacted properties before publishing your final assessment roll.
  • If you have already published your final assessment roll, update the impacted properties on the final assessment roll before processing school tax bills.

The law authorizes the assessor to make retroactive changes to assessment rolls in these cases without action by the board of assessment review or correction of errors.

For detailed instructions, see Basic STAR Reports User Guide.

If you have questions about accessing or downloading the reports, contact the Assessor/Director Hotline at 518-457-9053.

Up next: Final STAR IVP Eligibility Reports

This report will list those Enhanced STAR exemptions applicants who are income eligible for:

  • Enhanced STAR,
  • Basic STAR, or
  • neither.

Stay tuned for an announcement shortly. In the meantime, learn more about the reports here:

How to help property owners who want to switch to the STAR credit

If you missed last Thursday’s announcement about the STAR provisions in the state budget, here’s a key excerpt:

If you are contacted by a property owner who wants to switch from the STAR exemption to the STAR credit

Advise them that there are two steps they need to take:

  1. Follow the instructions for STAR exemption removal and renunciation.
  2. Register with our department for the STAR credit online (see Register for STAR) or by phone (518-457-2036).

We expect to have a simpler process in place in the near future, and we will notify you when it’s available. Until then, property owners who wish to switch should follow steps 1 and 2 above.

For the full announcement, see STAR and BAR changes in the 2019-2020 Enacted State Budget.

Reminder: Send your mobile home and co-op worksheets asap

Since these properties aren’t separately listed on the assessment roll, we rely on your spreadsheets so we can issue checks for the STAR credit to them. For detailed instructions, see Send the mobile home and co-op spreadsheets to the Tax Department.

Note: Ensure that you use your current uniform percentage of value (level of assessment) when running the reports.

For the big picture and specific deadlines for your jurisdiction, see STAR Program Timeline.