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Basic STAR Ineligible Reports Now Available 03/21/19

Basic STAR Ineligible Reports

The Basic STAR Ineligible Reports are available in the Online Assessment Community.

The reports list those who are ineligible due to income exceeding $500,000.

Assessors do not need to mail exemption removal notices to these property owners. We will mail denial letters to them, and the letter includes instructions on how to appeal directly to us. 

For detailed instructions, see Basic STAR Reports User Guide.

If you have questions about accessing or downloading the reports, contact the Assessor/Director Hotline at 518-457-9053.

Reminder: The STAR reports will be temporarily unavailable the morning of Wednesday, March 27. If you are unable to access the reports, please close and try again later.

Note for users of RPSV4

Release 2016_3914.exe is now available from Real Property System updates.

This release includes:

  • a new STAR Exemption Disqualification Update utility; and
  • a new sort option in the Enhanced STAR Exemption Update utility.

The Discarded Transactions report will now be sorted by:

  • Print key; and
  • Reason for exclusion from STAR processing. 

Note: You must apply the STAR Exemption Disqualification Update utility and all previous RPS software release updates before using the Basic STAR Not Qualified Report for RPS Processing. For more details, see the release notes (login required).