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Assessment Community Weekly 2/25/19

If you missed Friday's announcement about the IVP reports, you can use Internet Explorer to view it here.

ACES update—implementation timeframe 

As you know, ORPTS and the New York State Office of Information Technology Services (OITS) have been working with Tyler Technologies, Inc. to develop a new assessment administration system for local officials across New York State. More than 96% of you use RPSV4 to administer assessments. After two decades, the RPSV4 client-server model is increasingly out of line with industry standard.

Following a request for proposals, Tyler was awarded the contract in 2017 and work began later that year. Tyler is modifying its internationally recognized iasWorld system to meet the needs of users across New York State. The new system will be known as the New York State Assessment Community Enterprise System (ACES). 

As a web-based system that you’ll access with a Web browser (much the way you now access your bank account and credit card statements), ACES will have many benefits for users. You will: 

  • be able to use the system anytime and anywhere that you have access to the Internet;
  • have built-in sketching, GIS, mobile data collection, and many more advanced functions; and
  • no longer have to install updates or run the risk of losing your data if a local server crashes

As we reviewed iasWorld during the design phase of the project, we identified some critical functional areas that will need to be modified for New York State users. In addition, it became apparent that the existing system’s cost methodology would not meet the needs of New York State assessors. Further complicating the cost issue, CoreLogic has acquired Marshall & Swift/Boeckh, and the company intended to change the way it provided cost data to us. 

Tyler and CoreLogic have assured us that they will provide you with the cost data that you need, and Tyler will address the other functional issues. But Tyler has indicated that this will require additional time and resource commitments. 

ACES implementation will begin in August 2021 with the 13 pilot communities. The pilots, which include towns, counties, cities, and the many variations in local assessment administration, will test the system and provide valuable feedback. 

In November 2021, the statewide rollout will begin. Until then, we will continue to work hand-in-hand with Tyler on each step of the development and testing of the product. And the RPS Governance Group will continue to assist us with the policy, training, and support aspects of the implementation. 

We know that adopting ACES will be a very important transition for you and your community, and we are taking every step to ensure that it happens effectively and efficiently. RPSV4 is used by thousands of local officials to serve millions of New York taxpayers. Rather than rushing to develop a product that only partially meets your needs, we are taking the necessary time to strategically develop the top-of-the-line system that you need and deserve. 

In the meantime, it goes without saying that we will continue to support RPSV4 to the extent practical. We will continue to provide software and database updates to address legislative updates, critical issues, and programmatic needs. That support will continue until the majority of RPSV4 users have converted to ACES. 

Keep up to date: New York State Assessment Community Enterprise System (ACES). 

Questions? Contact your ORPTS Customer Service Liaison or email

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