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Assessment Community Weekly 02/04/19

Happy Super Bowl Monday! 

It was great to meet with the County Directors Association and RPTAC last week! 

As we enter peak exemption season, remember that our Regional Customer Service Teams are only a click, dial, or shout away. Stay in touch! 

2019 Tentative oil and gas unit of production values

Tentative unit of production value are now available online. We’re mailing the memo to:

  • assessors and county directors with wells in their vicinities, and
  • oil and gas producers.

Property tax credits and income taxes

If a homeowner asks you for information about how to handle the STAR or property tax relief credit on their income taxes, point them to How to report property tax credits

In addition, to find the amounts of their credits and when they were issued, they can use the Property Tax Credit Lookup

Keep those IVPs a’comin’!

Bear in mind, the sooner we receive the IVP forms (or the data, if you opt to enter it yourself), the sooner we can determine income eligibility. 

Q. If I determine that an Enhanced STAR applicant is not eligible for the exemption, should the record be added to the online IVP tool?

A. The answer depends on why the property owner is not eligible. If it’s due to income, the record should be added to the IVP tool so we can check income in future years. But if the property isn’t eligible for residency or age reasons, the record shouldn’t be entered into the tool. If the applicant meets the age and primary residency requirements in a future year, they should apply at that time. 

Numbers, numbers, and more numbers

Phone numbers.They’re tough. We’re making them easier. 

Beginning today, the numbers for the property owners’ STAR and property tax credit lines are in the footer of this newsletter. 

And, of course, we’ll continue to post your Assessor/Director Hotline there. 

Gentle reminder: Keep your hotline number to yourself. If property owners start calling your line, we won’t be able to target our service to you. 

Judicial cases 

New on Judicial cases:

  • Cornell University v. Board of Assessment Review