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Assessment Community Weekly 01/28/19

Hope you’re all staying warm! We look forward to meeting with the County Directors and RPTAC this week in Albany! 

Data Anomaly Finder: Summary of queries for non-V4 users now available

The Data Anomaly Finder (DAF) is an Excel tool that enables users to review their RPSV4 data for errors. For those of you who don’t use V4, the DAF Query Summary provides a list of the queries that you can use to review your data. 

And, for the vast majority of you who use V4, we encourage you to run the tool and begin reviewing your data. You’ll find the tool, instructions, and examples of how to fix your data on New York State Assessment Community Enterprise System (ACES).

For assistance, contact your ORPTS Regional Liaison

The IRS’s Form 1040 has changed for 2018 income taxes. To confirm eligibility for the senior citizens and low-income disability exemptions, where should I look for the information that is no longer on the 1040?

If the taxpayer filed Form IT-201, Resident Income Tax Return, we suggest you request a copy of that form. It should contain most if not all the information you need to confirm income eligibility.

If Form IT-201 is not available, refer to Page 3 (Form 1040 Redesign Helpful Hints) of the 1040 Instructions for the 2018 Tax Year.

You may also wish to review:

First property tax-related bill has passed both Legislative Houses 

The first property tax-related bill off the 2019 Legislative Session has passed both houses of the State Legislature. If signed into law, Assembly Bill No. 881 would authorize localities to adopt a resolution to provide an extension of the property tax deadline for certain property owners who have been impacted by the federal government shutdown. 

The bill has been delivered to the Governor. Any developments will be posted on Current status of property tax-related legislation

Enhanced STAR IVP poster available in Spanish 

A Spanish version of the IVP poster is available for printing. You can find the poster in the STAR information for local officials page under Enhanced STAR IVP, or if you'd prefer us to mail you copies, send an email to or with Spanish IVP poster in the subject line. Include the mailing address and number of posters you need.

  • Print Poster (11 x 17) Spanish.